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Together, with our supporters and partners, Community Cancer Fund is finding new ways to support and serve cancer patients and their families. We’re finding creative solutions to meet the new hurdles and challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Community in Action

Cancer Patient Lodging Program

Our complimentary lodging program is used by patients of Cancer Care Northwest, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, and MultiCare Health System. In March and April, CCF provided 72 nights of hotel accommodations at no charge to cancer patients or their families through our collaboration with Davenport Hotels.

Katrina and her husband travel 125+ miles each way for cancer related appointments.

“The financial burden of this treatment is overwhelming – even when you have some resources. This wonderful program helped relieve some of the financial stress. The Davenport was wonderful. The check in process is fast, which is appreciated when my wife isn’t feeling well.”

Jacqueline travels 300 miles each way for cancer related appointments.

“You’ve just received the worst news of your life and this experience is the one bright spot amongst all the bad news. It reminds you that somebody cares and wants to help you get through it.”

Cancer Hasn’t Stopped and Neither Will We.