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Camp Goodtimes at YMCA Camp Reed

An opportunity to just be kids

One of the first initiatives was establishing a $3 million endowment fund for Camp Goodtimes at YMCA Camp Reed, a free summer camp for children affected by cancer. Community Cancer Fund’s investment in an endowment comes as similar camps across the country have closed due to funding issues. In March 2013, the American Cancer Society decided on a national level to shift away from funding oncology camps, including Camp Goodtimes, to focus on its mission to advance cancer research.

Camp Goodtimes is medically supported by pediatric and oncology physicians and nurses and is offered free of charge for children affected by cancer. Amazing camp highlights include college team visits, tie-dye extravaganza, bass fishing day, and a host of typical camp activities.

camp goodtimes

The exciting thing about an endowment is we can look forward to the future and know that these services and these opportunities for children are going to continue after we're gone.

Lisa VogtFormer Executive Director, Camp Reed