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Connecting You with Support and Resources for your Cancer Diagnosis.


Dealing with cancer can be an overwhelming journey, both emotionally and physically, for patients and their loved ones. At Community Cancer Fund, we understand the challenges you might face and are committed to providing support and resources to individuals and families navigating through this difficult time.

Our organization serves the Inland Northwest region, connecting cancer patients and their families with a range of local resources to help ease their journey. Our hope is to connect you with various support services, educational materials, financial assistance, and community programs to aid you in various aspects of your cancer experience.

Support Services:

  1. Support Groups: Connect with others facing similar challenges, share experiences, and gain emotional support through local support groups designed for cancer patients and their families.
  2. Counseling and Therapy: Access mental health professionals specializing in cancer-related emotional and psychological support, offering counseling and therapy sessions tailored to your needs.
  3. Caregiver Support: Caregivers play a crucial role in a patient’s journey. Find resources that support and assist caregivers in their caregiving responsibilities.

Educational Materials:

  1. Cancer Information: Access comprehensive information about various types of cancers, treatments, side effects, and practical tips for managing symptoms.
  2. Healthy Living Resources: Explore resources focused on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments to promote overall well-being during and after cancer treatment.
  3. Treatment Options: Learn about different treatment options available in the Inland Northwest region, including information on clinical trials and alternative therapies.

Financial Assistance:

  1. Financial Counseling: Get guidance on managing medical expenses, navigating insurance coverage, and accessing financial assistance programs available for cancer patients.
  2. Grants and Scholarships: Explore potential grants or scholarships specifically aimed at supporting cancer patients and their families during treatment.

Community Programs:

  1. Events and Workshops: Stay informed about local events, workshops, and seminars organized by Community Cancer Fund and partner organizations, offering valuable information and networking opportunities.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities: Learn about ways to give back to the community by volunteering for cancer-related initiatives or fundraising events.

How We Can Help:

At Community Cancer Fund, our team is committed to providing assistance to individuals and families affected by cancer. Submit your information above  to connect with us for guidance, support, or inquiries about specific resources or services you may need.

We understand that each cancer journey is unique, and our goal is to ensure that you feel supported and empowered throughout this challenging time.

For more information or to access these resources, please use the form above.

We are here for you.